Training Tips Your Bird Dog Will Love
by Martha H. Greenlee

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The Brittany, Amateurs Training with Professionals
Edited by Martha H. Greenlee and David A. Webb
2nd Edition

$28.00, which includes shipping

This 2nd edition of the popular book on training will enable amateur pointing dog trainers to train hunting dogs that they will be proud to own and fiel8d trial dogs that will win. The 2nd edition has been expanded to include information on "the way dog's scent", "pre-releasing system for quail" and "hunting safety."

Hunting Dogs, Field Trial Dogs, Brittanys
Edited by Martha H. Greenlee and David A. Webb
Hardcover, 158 pages

$26.00, which includes shipping

The stories in this exciting new book explore the symbiosis that develops between handlers and their field-trial dogs; and the special relationship that owners have with their Brittanys. Martha Greenlee and David Webb have gathered some of the most powerful writing about this relationship, dating from the early 1930s through 2005. Whether you are a hunter, a field-trialer, or someone who loves Brittanys, this special collection is sure to enrich your life.

Contributors include: Havilah Babcock ~ Ron Boyer ~ William F. Brown ~ Nash Buckingham ~ George Bird Evans ~ John Taintor Foote ~ William H. Foster ~ Martha H. Greenlee ~ Ray P. Holland ~ Paul G. Quinnett ~ John J. Seyman ~ Gary Smith ~ Charles Waterman ~ David Webb ~ Tom Word

Brittany Tales: Best of Dogs, Best of Times

$25.00, which includes shipping

In this book, Bill McClure shares some of his favorite memories culled from over forty-six years of Brittany ownership. From "There Are Ladies in My Life" - where he explores the difficult choices that must be made when selecting pups from a litter - to the wry humor of "Four Incredible Gun Dogs and One Pervert" - where the reader learns about the exploits of an unusual dog named Hunter - Bill McClure paints a vivid and loving portrait of his favorite breed.

Empty Collars: A Tribute to the Memory of our Gun Dogs

$23.00, which includes shipping

This anthology offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of gun dogs and their owners -- whether they are enjoying a fall afternoon afield, or sitting by the fire on a cold winter's night, loyal dog at their feet.

Contributors to EMPTY COLLARS:
Joe Arnett
Tom S. Cooper
George Bird Evans
Charles W. Gusewelle
Tom Holcomb
Robert F. Jones
Ben Hur Lampman
Bill McClure
Cliff Schroeder
Bill Tarrant
Mark Jeffrey Volk
David Webb

The Brittany: Amateurs Training with Professionals
Edited by David A. Webb
Paperback, 200 pages

$18.00, which includes shipping

Equally at home pointing woodcock on the soft ground of New England alder thickets and scenting chukar partridge on the swirling winds of rocky western mountains, the Brittany is first and foremost a gun dog. The breed’s skill and occasional antics afield are wonderfully told in these twenty-six stories. Anyone with more than a passing interest in the delightful Brittany will find hours of pleasure between the covers of this book.

Contributors include: David Brooks ~ Martha H. Greenlee ~ Charles W. Gusewelle ~ David Guterson ~ Ralph Hammond ~ Tom Hennessey ~ David Kenney ~ Lois J. Mannon ~ Bill McClure ~ Michael McIntosh ~ Steven Mulak ~ Steve Savage ~ Tred Slough ~ Charles Waterman ~ David A. Webb ~ Ben O. Williams